Autumn Walk - Scott Morrish Greeting Cards

Autumn Walk - Scott Morrish Greeting Cards


Scott Morrish “It is exciting discovering new locations and different landscapes, but i also really enjoy getting to know my favourite places at different times of day, throughout the seasons, and over a number of years. Whether on the moors, deep in the woods, or wandering the timeline of our wild coasts, I love the freedom and the child-like sense of adventure that goes with exploring the beauty, fragility and resilience of the amazing world around us.”


Card specifications

Cards @ 153mm x 153mm. Individually wrapped. Brown envelope. 


FSC certified. 100% recycled board. 100% recycled envelopes. Compostable bag. Alcohol-free print. Vegetable-based inks. Printed with Green Energy.   



A little bit about the Eco Card Co.

Our Eco-commitments

 Everything is FSC® certified… We were the first direct-to-retail publisher to attain an FSC chain of custody (2006). Responsible forest management ensures that the harvest of timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes. It’s the only certification scheme endorsed by WWF, Friends of the Earth & Greenpeace. Our Chain of Custody Number is NC-COC-005535 BN. The license number you see on our products is FSC-C007915. Every item listed on this website is FSC certified.

 Unless its 100% recycled… As well as the use of FSC ® certified materials, all of our cards have a recycled content.  We specify the percentage of recycled paper on the back of the card. Most of our cards are 100% recycled post-consumer waste. We even have some cards made from 50% recycled coffee cup waste!.

 100% recycled envelopes... Since the mid 90s we have exclusively used 100% recycled paper envelopes. We only use paper containing post-consumer waste and 90% of it is made in the UK. 

 Alcohol-free print... Industrial Alcohol is a solvent used by printers and is the industry’s main source of hazardous VOC emissions.  Since 2010 all of our cards brochures have been printed without the use of any alcohol at all.

Vegetable based inks... When we print on a normal printing press we only use vegetable based inks. Replacing the ‘mineral-oil’ in inks with vegetable-oil (typically made from soy-bean or linseed) reduces VOC emissions. Recently the use of vegetable based inks has become more wide spread. Occasionally, to reduce waste for short-run items, we will also print cards digitally on an indigo press powered by Green Energy.

 You can recycle it... We ensure that everything we make can be easily recycled, so we don’t use foil, flitter, glitter or plastic-based laminates on our stock products.

 Compostable bags... We became the first card company to use compostable bags back in 2006. Every bag we use is made from corn starch, and is certified as compostable (standard EN13432). This means it will break down in 45 days in industrial composting conditions (like those run by local authorities for garden or food waste). If you have a lovely hot compost heap or bin at home then it will also break down - that normally takes longer than 45 days - and they do need heat and moisture to compost.  Most greeting cards are still wrapped in polypropylene, (an oil-based plastic) which UK consumers can’t recycle. We never use degradable OPP bags which just break down into tiny pieces of plastic, but don't compost.

 Made in the UK... It would have been easy to manufacture our products half way around the world to increase profits... but at what environmental cost? We live in the UK, as do most of our customers, so we have always printed and manufactured everything we make in the United Kingdom.

 Green energy... All of our offices are powered by Green Energy. Most of our cards have also been printed using Green Energy.

 Carbon Zero... We offset our carbon emissions via CO2 Balence and their African stove project- which is also great for the local

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