We give you the perfect gift. Gin Mayo – It’s a thing!

We give you the perfect gift.    Gin Mayo – It’s a thing!

What do you buy the person who has everything?  We hear so often...… I don’t know what to buy? Guys are so hard to buy for, I need a Secret Santa for someone I don’t really know, what can I get my Dad? My daughter in law is so fussy / my mother in law is so fussy, Stocking Fillers are so hard, they have everything!

Gin Mayo is the answer my friends and it's a game changer.   It looks good, it taste’s good and it definitely gets the conversation started.

On chips, on sushi, smothered on just about anything. It's the  little kick from the ‘Bobby’s’ gin that elevates this condiment from the rest.  This year must have stocking filler is too good for just for the Gin Lovers.

Gin May was created by seafood/gin restaurant Mossel & Gin in Amsterdam; it was so successful they’re customers started asking to take some home so they started to sell it.  Demand was huge so these lovely people are sharing the love and they’re genius, delicious creation with the rest of us. 

Still want to buy them socks? Why not slip a tube of Gin Mayo inside, even if they don’t like it they definitely won’t forget it!