More than just a card......................................

After the first lock down we were inundated with customers looking for interesting greetings cards.  Feedback was very clear that not only had they been left uninspired by the choice at their local Supermarket it's more than just a card.  It's important that each card comes with it's own story.  Fair trade, made locally, environmentally friendly, they are all much more than just the picture.

We are very proud of of our selection and offer free postage on all greetings cards. If fact if you any buy 5 greetings cards we'll refund the cost of the cheapest.  


This Grey Seal is from the Wild Life Trust collection from the Eco Friendly Card Company who's environmental journey started back in the mid 90’s when we switched to the exclusive use of 100% recycled envelopes. The logic was simple; why cut down trees to make envelopes that will only make one journey before they are ripped open, screwed up and thrown away?