"It's like herding Cats!"

"It's like herding Cats!"

These quirky little ring holders are from one of our favourite fair trade suppliers, hand carved and painted in Thailand.  I took this snap this morning in our Gandy Street Shop and it got me thinking. 

Are you familiar with the phrase “It’s like herding cats?”  I often hear it used by exasperated teachers as they try to keep a school trip together as they head down Gandy Street towards Exeter’s wonderful RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum).

Most of us are familiar with the term a litter of kittens, but what is the collective noun for a group cats? I knew it wasn't a herd, after all that's just a phrase but I was really surprised to find out that the correct noun is  'a Clowder of Cats!'   The term ‘Glaring’ can also be used, very grand indeed.

Collective nouns really are fascinating. One of the most well known has to be a Pride of Lions, but are you familiar with a Murder of Crows, an Ambush of Tigers or the rather wonderful Paddling of Ducks and my favourite a “Crash of Rhinoceroses”.

What's your favourite?

Moko Tippet - A group of kittens can also be called a ‘Kindle’!