Due to the Covid-19 virus Moko is now closed in line with Government advice.  In addition we've taken the decision to stop selling on line.   Simply because making a special journey to collect stock and then queuing at the post office seemed irresponsible, our stock may be gorgeous but it's not essential.  The most important thing we can do is #staysafe #stayhome. So, this is how we will stay until we are advised otherwise.    

Thank you from us to all the keyworkers, NHS, postal, supermarket, council workers and the many other workers who continue working hard during these uncertain times.  You really are amazing.   The weekly Thursday night 8pm clap has become the highlight of the week.  A small way of showing our thanks, the coming together collectively, seeing and hearing the community showing their heartfelt appreciation is just wonderful and very emotional, even more as the weeks go on.  We are very grateful.

As for our lockdown, well I'm happy to report we are absolutely OK.  I feel very lucky as always to living in Exeter, it's such a beautiful green city. Our house is a busy one as there are 6 of us.  Me, my husband Chris who’s a key-worker in communications is now working from home, and our 3 teenage children, Richard,  Stella and Ruby who are all being incredibly understanding of the whole situation*, and lastly Wolfie our dog who's loving all the attention and brings so much joy.  There’s been a lot of bike riding, dog walking, cooking, eating, box sets, board games, sorting out, messing about and of course chilling out. I miss Moko and all its buzz and of course our family and friends. We also like so many others have our worries but I can’t complain as we have so much to be grateful for and I know this won’t be forever.

Our sacrifice is small and brighter days are ahead.

Take great care and stay positive, well and kind.


Jo x


........ and of course there’s been lots of silliness


*I'm fairly confident that my teenage self, elder sister and brother would not have handled this whole lockdown thing with such good grace!