Business plan and bear hugs!

Business plan and bear hugs!

This week I’ve been shopping for the shop.  We travelled up to London to Top Drawer which is my absolute favourite show.  The building at Olympia is just beautiful and the whole show is a joy, very relaxed and full to the brim with lovely things, made by talented makers.  

I do try to have a plan when I shop for Moko but the truth is I’m never completely sure what I’m looking for, I just know when I see it!  It’s also very important for me to know the story and the people behind the products we sell and that's when I really know it’s the right decision and I get the wow! 

Interestingly the way I shop for Moko is the same way a lot of our Moko customers tell us they shop, and why they love coming to Moko.  They often don’t have a plan, don’t always know what they’re looking for, they just enjoy a wander and more often than not they’ll find that perfect something they love that fits just perfectly. 

Moko Business Plan = Buy lovely things from lovely people, then sell lovely things to lovely customers who love them.

Over the next few blogs I’m going to show you some of the new and wonderful things coming to Moko this Spring and share the stories of the very lovely and talented people who make them. Trust me, we are very excited!

This is a picture is of me getting a little over excited at Top Drawer with a polar bear - he’s not coming to Gandy Street but I couldn’t resist a quick cuddle!      

adjective: excited - very enthusiastic and eager.